Texas, watch out….here I come!

Have you had the kind of day where you wished you had stayed in bed? Or in my case, I wished I’d gotten more than 4 hours sleep. As most of you know, I’m naturally a high energy person who doesn’t need a lot of sleep. But with me, if I’m up past 11:00PM, I catch a second wind and it’s down right hard to get to bed after that. So, this morning, I was certainly feeling the pain of repeating this habit 4-5 days in row.

So, back to my point! After starting my day a little less than chipper, running into various annoyances, and tripping over my monster of a cat more than once, I received the best news. Guess what? soiréebliss! will be in the regional publication for theKnot magazine as the Event Designer for a wedding they chose to publish. The photographers (Traci and Kellie, Anne Marie Photography) for the wedding are incredibly talented and deserve a lot of credit.

WOW! This news has made my week. The wedding they chose was my own destination weekend wedding in San Antonio, Texas. With the recent launched soiréebliss!, this is an overwhelming compliment as this was an event I put my heart and soul into every last detail.

As you can imagine, I did the happy dance around my office, tripped over the monster cat a few more times and gleefully set off on a cloud of blissful happiness no longer feeling the loss of sleep.

So, look for soiréebliss! to be listed as the Event Designer in the next Texas Knot Magazine set to hit news stands in June. In honor of my first publication, here are a few pictures from the event.


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