I AM…….

As I was browsing one of my favorite photographer’s website (Studio563), I found this interesting on Lindsey’s blog and wanted to try it out.

I AM … so lucky to being doing what I am passionate in.
I WANT … to meet exceed my client’s expectations.
I HAVE … an incredible amount of energy and zest for life.
I KEEP … a supply of coffee in my pantry at all times.
I WISH I COULD … complete a full Ironman in less than 12 hours. Someday!
I HATE … when I am a clutz.
I FEAR … falling short of my goal.
I HEAR … the music from Dirty Dancing movie. WOW! Talk about flashback. LOL!
I DON’T THINK … I will ever develop a fondness for napping.
I REGRET … not starting my business sooner.
I LOVE … coffee, Starbucks, lattes, and coffee.
I CAN … accomplish what I set my mind to.
I DANCE … anytime I can. Although, it doesn’t mean I am good.
I SING … ONLY when alone. I’m tone death.
I NEVER … nap, sleep more than 7 hours or pass up the opportunity to make a new friend.
I RARELY … go to be before 11:30PM.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … see an animal being treated cruelly.
I KNOW THAT … tomorrow will hold great opportunity.
I HATE THAT … there I can’t give more time to Special Olympics.
I NEED … a new office desk. More storage would be fabulous!
I SHOULD … call my friends and family more often.
I BELIEVE … in the power of positive thinking.

What about you…..give it a shot.


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