Tag! You’re it……

I have been tagged by a wonderfully talented planner, Meredith with Elegant Engagements. This is a fun way to get to know your friends and colleagues. Here’s a little about me:

Four things I did today:
1. Tent or no tent…..ordering rental items for a partial outdoor wedding for this weekend. Where are the rain Gods when you need to consult with them?!
2. Ran 5 miles followed by a yummy Starbucks Latte.
3. Knocked out a few administrative/bookkeeping tasks from my “to-do” list.
4. Took out the trash…..

Four things on my to-do list:
1. Finalize room blocks for a destination wedding coming up next year.
2. Type up my company description for Grace Ormand 2009 Platinum Listing.
3. Attend a walk-thru & tasting for a November Bride at Maggianos. YUMMM! I love their food.
4. Send in my race entry for my very first full marathon EVER.

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:
1. Desert…..anything desert.
2. Sleeping in past 6:00AM. Doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes I let myself do it.
3. Facials, manicure, pedicures, massages….anything to pamper myself. Every once in awhile I will pick at least one service to treat myself.
4. Taking a day off. Right now, those are few and far between. But when I get the opportunity, it’s heaven.

Four random facts about me:
1. Even though I’m a neat freak, I have trouble keeping up with my dry cleaning. I wait and wait to take it in. By then, I have 25-30 pieces.
2. My husband and I met on Match.com.
3. I don’t like to sleep. If I could figure out a way to skip it and keep going without killing myself, I would.
4. In middle school I was the school mascot one year – a 4′ tall scotty dog. The costume was 10 sizes too big. Can you picture it??!! LOL!!!

Now I have to tag four other people…
1. Candice with Jubilee Events, LLC
2. Juliet with Green Orchid Events
3. Lindsay with Studio563
4. Melanie with Last Petal

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