Your venue allows you to bring in your own alcohol, BUT not how much?

You can imagine, having the opportunity to provide your own alcohol can be a huge cost saving. For the state of Texas, you will still need to hire a TABC certified bartender which will cost $100-150 per bartender for a 4 hour event.

For alcohol in general, rule of thumb is to consider the following:

Each guests will consume 2 drinks their first hour and 1 drink each consecutive hour after that. Of course, you will have guests drink more, less or none at all. The numbers provide averages.

If you have a large number of guests whom are heavy drinkers, increase the total number 25%

So, for 150 guests for a 4 hour reception = 750 drinks

On average, the bar consists of 50% beer, 25% wine and 25% liquar. These percentages can be adjusted based on your specific group of friends and family

Beer would equal 375 cans = 16 cases
187 glasses of wine
187 glasses of cocktails

It’s always best to consider buying beer in cans vs. bottles as it is safer and more “green”. You may consider recycling the cans.

– A bottle of wine will yield 6-7 glasses which would require 31-32 bottle

When purchasing alcohol, the breakdown is as follows:

– A 750 ml. Bottle will yield about 16 cocktails.
– A liter bottle will yield 22 drinks.
– A 1.5 liter bottle will yield 39 drinks.


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