Part I: The Wedding Dress Saga

When shopping for a wedding dress it is vastly important to know where to go and who to meet with. As minor a task this may seem you would be surprised how much a wedding planner can do to make sure you have an excellent shopping experience. Without the advice of a wedding planner you may find yourself in the following situation:

Imagine entering a cutely decorated store glancing around, excited to try on your first wedding dress. You reach for a beautiful pearl gown to get a closer look and feel the fabric against your skin, WAIT, a sales consultant stops you with a drill sergeant like demeanor. “Please use these hand wipes and clean your hands thoroughly before touching any gowns” she says. So you clean your hands feeling like a four year old who just got scolded by her mother. When you try to enter the actual salon where the dresses are being kept there is a small stop sign requesting that all customers wait to be escorted into the room. You have brought your sisters, best friend and mother to help pick dresses to try on. The sales consultant says “I am sorry, only one person can help you pick out dresses.” Every where you walk and everything you touch is being patroled by the sales associate standing in the corner of the room. Here you are ready to spend $1,000-$20,000 and this is your shopping experience? Well, as a wedding planner I would not let my bride experience this. Shopping for a dress should be an exciting experience and a bride should enjoy every moment that leads up to her big day.

After an experience like this you could imagine what a disappointment day 1 of wedding dress shopping was. After a long discussion with her wedding planner she will be out on day 2 with new direction and many new expectations. Tune in for part 2: Creating the Perfect Moment!

Yours Truly,

Vanessa Sinatora
Associate Planner


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