Preparing for Wedding Day Part I: Plan, Plan, Plan

As a event planner who’s been doing this for awhile, I’ve seen every type of client. You have the “Type A” who is 2 months ahead of schedule, the “easy rider” who goes with the flow and is super happy with whatever happens, and the endearing “late bloomer” who just can’t seem to stay on schedule.

The fun part of my job is working with all types of personalities to bring together the details to ensure the event day is perfectly flawless, logistically smooth and incredibly memorable. Sounds easy…right?

Typically, when hired for Event Day Management, I spend roughly 25 hours planning and preparing for the event. It’s important to cross all “T’s” and ensure all “I’s” are dotted by reviewing the contracts, walking the venue, and confirming details with the vendors. BUT, most importantly, the most vital tool for the wedding day is the timeline. Without a well thought out timeline, the day could feel rushed, hectic and down right stressful the Bride and Groom. As an event planner, we are what I like to call the “insurance policy” for the event. And who doesn’t feel more comfortable with a little extra insurance?
Over the next week, I am absolutely excited to share with you some tips, tricks and examples to help make your event the success you’ve dreamt it to be. And truly, it’s my goal to help inspire, and assist each couple and know that their day was memorable.

Blissfully Inspired,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner


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