Tips for a Bridal Shoot

Growing up in the Midwest, weddings were a little different. Culturally, some of the most common trends of today were virtually unheard of in the northern region of the United States. The Groom didn’t have a chance to express his hobbies with a separate groom’s cake. A charmingly adorable nephew only had the option of being a ring bearer vs. a bell ringer during the ceremony processional. And most importantly, the only time the Bride had the chance to test all components of her wedding day ensemble was during the last dress fitting. Thankfully, the bridal portrait shoot is commonly requested and found as a necessity even to allow the bride a dress rehearsal while having a ton of fun with a few friends and photography. Why only wear the dress for one day when you can wear it for two?!

When preparing for your bridal shoot, here are some tips to ensure your day is a success:

1. Have helpers whether they are members of your bridal party, personal friends or family members. This will give them a chance to see how the dress is to be properly zipped, buttoned and/or bustled.

2. Have a set of cloth white gloves on hand to be worn by those helping to move the train around during the shoot. It helps to protect the dress from sweat and oils. With being in Texas, this is a special consideration considering the heat.

3. Speaking of heat, be prepared for all that goes along with the heat. Spanx is truly the most comfortable item underneath to wear. Bring plenty of bottled water with a straw to stay hydrated to keep a glamorous smile. And oil blot paper. Shiseido truly makes the best with the most successful results.

4. Whether you’re shooting inside or out, you will want to protect the skirt of your dress. A cream, ivory or white flat sheet (whichever best matches the color of your dress). Having something underneath your dress’ train or for you to sit on will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy the shoot and get some fabulously creative shots.

5. Bring two pairs of shoes. One for comfort which you are OK with walking in the grass and one for the fun shoe pics. No need to scuff up your wedding day shoes!

6. Don’t forget to order your bouquet. Not only is this a dress rehearsal for your ensemble, but it’s a great opportunity to see how the bouquet will look and feel with your dress. Along with the type of flowers you’ve selected. Typically, a florist will make a slightly smaller version of the one you will have on wedding day.

7. Schedule your shoot 1.5-2 months prior to your wedding day. This will allow plenty of time to receive the dress from the designer, have it custom tailored to fit you and allow plenty of time to purchase your accessories. Also remember, it’s important to have all of your shoes and undergarments purchased prior to beginning your alterations.

Blissfully Yours,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

(Photo Credit: Fort Mill Photography)


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