Elegant Beginning’s 10 Year Anniversary

As a small business owner, there are certain milestones throughout the life of your business which is worth celebrating. The first would be your 1st year anniversary. At this stage you’re happy, nervouse, and excited to have gotten the business started and be heading in a direction. Possibly, still wondering if you made the right decision and if you’re doing things right. Then comes your 3rd year anniversary. I have coined this as “the toddler” stage of your business. At this point, you’ve developed made a few mistakes, developed processes and am truly at the “crawling” stage; things are coming together. Your 5th year is the anniversary which you’re running like a well oiled machine; making things happen and looking for ways to expand. However, nothing is more exciting than your 10th year anniversary. For me, I still have 7 more years to get there and would truly be a blessed.

I am genuinely excited for one of my favorite vendors whom is a friend as well to be celebrating her 10 year anniversary. I have always admired her business savvy ideas and looked to her as a role model. Elegant Beginnings has become a leader in the events industry in Houston.

Please join us as we wish Jill Vidal and the entire Elegant Beginning crew a happy birthday and wish them another successful to years.

Blissfully Inspired,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner


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