Engagement Proposals: The How To on the Will You?

Alright guys, it’s go time. You’ve met “The ONE” and now you’re ready to pop the question. You’ve probably been racking your brain on deciding just how to surprise and the moment perfect. That’s why I’m here to guide you along the way and give you a few pointers so you can come out looking like the savviest, most romantic man of her dreams.

There are a few things that are definite musts:

{Make It a Surprise} With more and more women coming along with their significant other to go ring shopping, the element of surprise might be non-existent. BUT, you can still make it happen guys! You know she’s seen the ring and will be waiting on the edge of her seat. Whatever you do, don’t buy the ring with her present. This is a financial transaction and truly a gift for her. When deciding just how to surprise her, there is an endless list of ways. For example, call her boss to arrange for her to have a day off. Book plane tickets to a romantic local. Ask a girlfriend to pack her overnight bag of essentials and send a limo to pick her up. All this is truly something she’s not expecting. You could be waiting for her at the airport when the limo drops her off. This would make any girl absolutely gooshing with happiness.

{Stay Away From Cliches}There are a few ways to propose that are so cliche, it makes every woman cringe. Like putting the ring in a glass of champagne, having the waiter bring the ring out with the desert, proposing on Valentine’s Day, etc. I know it’s tempting, but resist the temptation.

{Ask Her Dad AND Mom for Their Blessing}It may sound a little traditional, but asking her Dad for his blessing will not only make your future fiance beaming with pride, but will make her Father feel like you truly respect him. To get even more brownie points with everyone, you should include her Mother as well. What better way to start your new life with their family?

{Cater to Her Personality} If your girlfriend is more on the private and quiet side, you definitely don’t wanna propose with a lot of people around, like on a big screen at a baseball game (I’ll talk about that in a minute guys)

{Listen to Her Hints} Women have a way of letting you know what she wants. Let’s face it, we drop hints. Listen to them, this is your cheat sheet to making the proposal PERFECT. If she makes comments on a friend’s proposal like “I can’t believe he did it a beach, how beautiful and romantic.” She obviously likes something like that but do not copy it. Her proposal should NOT be exactly the same as her friend. Get creative and think of a way to ask her that fits your personality and incorporates some experiences that you have shared together as a couple.
{Get Down on One Knee} I know this may sounds like common sense, but you’ll be so engulfed in the moment that you’ll probably keep standing while asking her to marry you. We’ve been thinking of that special moment since we were little girls so don’t forget to get down on that knee!

{No Sporting Events}
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but women do not want to be proposed to at a baseball game, a football game, or any other kind of sporting event. Women like romance and pretty things and sporting events just don’t have either.
{Hire An Expert} Yes, it’s truly possible. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed and a touch clueless, call an event planner to make all the details and plans for the evening. They can guide you in selecting just what will make your future fiance beam.


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