PART II: DIY Bride to Platinum Bride; where do you stand?

A wedding planner is indispensable and will save you $big time$. Now you must decide on how much help you will need in the upcoming months. Below is a break down of many bride personas. (Photo Credit: Morgan Lynn Photography)

Bride #1: DIY Bride to the max!

  • Loves designing
  • Enjoys taking time to put together personal unique details
  • Is extremely organized
  • Does not struggle making decisions

If your personality is like Bride #1, you are an easy breezy bride in need of a small package just to ensure the day goes flawlessly; event day management (day of coordination) will most likely be the best fit for you. (Photo Credit: Pink Posh Photography)

Bride #2: Busy Busy Bride!

  • Loves designing
  • Has a high pressure job or travels a lot
  • Does not struggle in making decisions
  • Has a good idea of what she wants

Most brides today are under this category. They have full time jobs and their weddings require so much attention. Bride #2 is in need of a medium package; someone to come in midway through the planning process to relieve her once things just barely begin to become overwhelming. (Photo Credit: Morgan Lynn Photography)

Bride #3: Pamper me please!

  • Is having problems visualizing exactly what she wants
  • Has little spare time
  • Is not the most organized of sorts
  • Struggles making definitive decisions

If your personality is like Bride #3, you are in need of a large package, we can be your best friend through the process making you feel safe and in good hands. Full planning will be the best fit for you. With careful planning and long discussions a wedding planner will be able to find just the thing to make your eyes sparkle. (Photo Credit: Pink Posh Photography)

Now that you have established your needs it is time to go out and meet with some fabulous wedding planners! Part III will explain how to find the perfect planner for you.

Till next time!


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