If the Dress Fits…Shopping for the Perfect Style

So we all wanna look fabulous on our wedding day, right ladies? Whether you want to transform into a diva like Beyonce or keep it timeless like Audrey Hepburn, this is your crash course on finding the perfect gown that best fits your hot, sizzling figure.

STEP 1: Determine what shape you are. For me, this is always a little humbling. While I wish I were 5’6″, I’m really only 5′ tall and beautifully puffy ballgowns just aren’t as flattering.

STEP 2: Once you have determined your shape, start considering the design elements or style/theme you will want to fit your wedding. Many times, your location will also determine the style of dress. For example, if you’re getting married in a tropical location with possible sand, you will want to stay away from dupioni silk or heavy ballgowns.

Straight-across Strapless: This style is simply straight across, no dips or curves.
Great for: Well-endowed brides because it minimizes the girls.

Tip-If you’re top heavy, I would skip out on wearing a necklace and opt for more dramatic earrings. Wearing a big necklace will draw attention to your bustle. Another thing that will draw attention will be a lot of embellishments. I know every bride wants a little bling on their dress, try to steer clear of too much bling on the upper portion of your dress. Remember less is more!

Sweetheart Strapless: Unlike the Straight-across strapless, the sweetheart has a slight dip.

Great for: Smaller busted brides because it gives your chest some oomph and lengthens your torso, but pretty much anyone can pull this look off.

Mermaid: This style hugs your curves but then flares out right at the knee.

Great For: Petite women.

Tip- I wouldn’t wear this type of dress for an outdoor wedding during the summer unless you want your dress sticking to you like gum on a shoe.

Trumpet: This is similar to the mermaid but instead of starting to flare out by the knee, the trumpet starts flaring at mid-thigh.

Great For: Top-heavy brides. The trumpet skirt balances your figure out nicely.

Ball Gown: One of the most traditional wedding dresses. It has a fitted corset and a full skirt. Petite brides beware! Since the ball gown is so big, the skirt will drown you and make you look tiny. You don’t want the dress to wear you, you want to wear the dress!

Great For: Hour-glass or pear-shaped brides because it camouflages your lower half.

A-line: It starts off narrow at the top and then expands outward, like the shape of the letter “A”.

Great For: Any bride! The A-line dress is the most flattering style on any body type.

Knee Length: Like its name implies, this dress stops at the knees. With brides making a wardrobe change into short dresses for the reception being such a big trend, knee length dresses are great for keeping up with trend.

Great For: Tall or short brides, this length helps showcase your sexy legs but without showing too much. With this dress, you can really make it all about the shoes. You always want to have one item be a focal point and with this dress, it will be the perfect opportunity to show off some incredible heels.

Knowing which design will flatter your figure best, will ensure you look red-carpet ready for your biggest day.

STEP 3: Start shopping! Most bridal boutiques operate on an appointment only basis. On average, each appointment will take an average of 2 hours. For a production shopping experience, remember the following:

1. Wear Spanx or an undergarment resembling what you will wear on the wedding day. Taking your own strapless bra to ensure comfort and a proper fit.

2. Take a pair of shoes which resemble the heel height you want for your wedding day.

3. If you hope to wear your hair up on your wedding day you should take a pony tail holder with you to simulate an up-do. This will be helpful when sampling veils to go with your dress.

4. Always remember to walk around the boutique in the dress along with sitting.

5. Last but not least remember to consider what the back of the dress looks like. On the day of the wedding, guests will look at your back 50% of the time.

Super Star Intern,

Kristi Gomez


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