Looking For A Unique Groom’s Gift???

As I was buzzing through my daily emails, I came across a great gift idea. This particular item caught my attention as it hit on one of my favorite memories from when I lived in Indiana. Nothing was better than a hot dog and beer, sitting in the seats behind home plate on a sunny afternoon at a Wrigley game. As a female, I thought that so many Groom’s would share this memory as well.

So, if you have a baseball-loving Groom, this may be a perfect Groom’s gift:

Offered by Red Envelope. These aren’t just cuff links—they’re a piece of baseball history. Crafted of salvaged seats from America’s most famous and beloved stadiums, these cuff links are one of a kind. Coated in the original paint of the stadium seat colors, each cuff link boasts a deep patina collected from decades of home openers, double-headers and grand-slam ovations. includes hand-numbered and hand-signed certificate of authenticity

The best quality about these unique cuff links that make them truly special are their variation in color as they are truly from the salvaged stadium seats. Each cuff link is hallmarked with the name of the stadium engraved on back. The cuff links are being made from some of the most memorable stadiums around the country: Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium or Shea Stadium.

This would truly be a gift treasured for years to come!


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