Why I love my job……My clients!

As a wedding planner, one has to wear many hats, counselor, problem solver, negotiator, cheerleader, financial planner and time keeper. Sometimes those hats are worn all at once in some of the most in opportune times. All this is done is a calm, graceful manner, appearing as though everything is perfect, right on schedule and nothing is wrong and the event is going exactly as you planned. Even though you may be off schedule by 5-10 minutes. For someone like myself, I pride myself on my skill and ability to run my events down to the minute.

But, we push on for the ultimate goal of fulfilling our clients dreams to create one of their most memorable days in their lives. We set our own needs aside on wedding day, forget that our feet hurt, dieing of heat and possibly starving from our last meal having been several hours possibly before set-up began. Some may call us crazy. Others look at wedding planners as having the glamorous spotlight and others are surprised to hear you can make a living being a planner.

Ultimately, it’s the rush of happiness I get at the end of an event when the couple leave glowing with joy. Knowing that I have helped to create an evening in their life which will be a lasting memory they will look back on with happiness. It completely washes away any fatigue, hunger or frustration I may have been feeling. This is a perfect example of why I love my job!!!

“Samantha! EVERYTHING was perfect! What an incredible day yesterday! Thank you so much for everything. All of our guests kept saying over and over how beautiful it was, how much fun they had, and how good the food was! I totally meant to say thank you and give you a big hug last night before we ran off with the parade, but I was so caught up in everything! So…. THANK YOU! *big hug*”

Megan & Greg Owen, Wed: 7/25/09


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